Tuesday, October 20

how do you know

when its over? it used to be no matter how much bas news me and my boyriend heard we still made each other happy. He used to only have eyes for me. Now bad news just brings us down and makes our fights (which we never used to have) worse, he always is lookin up porn on my laptop even tho it already infected our computer once and i work at home from my computer and i always see him lookin at or talkin about other women.

Lately we havent been kissin talkin or really even touching. its like we are distant roomates. i have even taken off my promise ring and had it off since friday, not like he'd even notice. it seems like everytime i try to just forget everythin and move forward (and make an effort to) before i get the chance he fuckin does something stupid as hell.

I dont leave because i dnt wanna make a misstake, but lately this so called home that we built seems more and more like a living hell.

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