Monday, October 19


lately has been bad. Just this weekend me and my boyfriend got in a huge fight, the guy who keeps breaking into our apt. (and has stolen rent money, my camera, and more) tried to break in while my bf lil sister was here so his mama cussed him and me out and wont talk to him(which bothers him more then me not talking to him... oh and the guy who breaks in is our neighbor/matience guy..not that we can prove it but we no!!!) my baby completely hates my boyfriend and no one else, idk why, and things have been so bad that me and my boyfriend have barely even been talking or kissing or anything, and i have truly thought of saving up money and just leaving this place.

the worse part??? I dont even have any money. WE are completely poor and we dont even have food in the house. Thank god for WIC or we wouldnt have formula.

Idk, things were suppsoed to get better, but there only getting worse. . i dont know how much longer i can take this.

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