Wednesday, September 2

I dont know

I dont really know which is worse, keeping my baby around all the time, being sleep deprived and distant from my boyfriend, and feeling close to my baby,
or having his maw maws take him some nights, gettting sleep, being closer to my boyfriend, but feeling distant to my boyfriend.

I miss my little man, and i feel like i am forgetting about him or something.
I love him so much, but i let him go to his maw maws last night and tonight to catch up on sleep and because i have been having bad chest pains and now i feel like my little boy is going to forget i am his mommy, or he wont love me as much as he does his maw maws.

I feel likt such a bad mother!! he's only two weeks old, its okay to have your family help out as much as they want to, right? Just as long as you make sure that you see him a lot still. I mean me and his daddy played with him all day and he was up and we were one happy family since we got so much rest. I loved it, thats how i want things to be.

but we cant do that when he is here every night. IDK what to do :( I wish i could quit feeling guilty, it takes a village to raise a family, right?!?!?!

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