Tuesday, September 29

October Goalsto the

With my baby blues finally over with, life seems to start to be a little more normal. My little man is almost two months old now, and so slowly me and my boyfriend are both feeling somewhat human again. I had my 6 week checkup yesterday, so as of today i am looking for a job. I am so motivated to do good so that my little boy can have an amazing first christmas that even my boyfriend can tell there is something different about me. Something more positive, more happy, more inspired. Seeing my little boy every night is enough inspiration for me, but i guess that really is the best motivation to do well in life.

A matience guy broke into our apartment and stole 440 we had for rent (thats only part of the rent, but still!) right off our countertop. WE know it was one of them because we woke up one morning with the money gone, the screen door still locked, our patio gate broken (they tried to jump it to check the screen door, but it was locked), my bf PS2 off, and only our top lock on our door locked. My boyfriend NEVER turns his PS2 off, but a light switch can turn it off so obviously they thought that was the light, and i ALWAYS keep both locks locked cause robbers make me nervous.

Luckily we got more rent money, but it still pissed me off. It only happened a couple of days ago, but im going down to the office soon to raise a fuss. I mean i dont have 440 to just spare, idk about you?

But thats okay, im not letting it ruin my mood. Ive been so happy the past couple of days and i refuse to stop now!

Here are my October Goals:
-Finish High School Courses
-Finish Med. Trans. Courses
-Get A Job
-Get Avon, PPL, and Blastoff Community's built up
-Stay In Touch With Friends
-Keep Apartment Cleaned, Food In The House AND Laundry Done
-Make Giant Wishlist For Me, Boyfriend And Little Man(for Christmas and just whenever)
-Get A Crib For Little Man
-Lose Baby Fat
-Get Professional Pictures Taken
-Plan Christening(well i'm not catholic, but the arrival ceremony or whatever you'd call it) for Little Man

and i even have goals planned out for november, december and next year. I will stay motivated and do more in these next few months then i ever have done. Anything to get my family a nice home, and a good life..

see, my boyfriend works his ass off to get bills paid, so now imma work mine off to get us all some luxeries in life! and some money in savings.

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