Saturday, August 1

Moving on Up.

Me and my boyfriend finally moved into our apartment day. It was a very crazy, tiring, but successful day. We stayed up all night last night just talking to each other about everything cuddling, it was amazing. Then we woke up early this morning and packed his stuff in my car. We went to the bank, got cash out, went to hi neighbor, got a money order for August rent. Then we went to my parents house, went to big lots and got some basic needs. Then we went to the apartment while my parents went to pickup the u-haul and signed all the papers and paid the rent. We went to my parents and packed up my stuff. My boyfriend and dad went to the apartment to unpack while i stayed at the house to watch my little cousin so that my mom could run an errand. When she got back i went and got McDonald's then met my dad and boyfriend at the apartment. They finished unloading everything and then ate, then my dad went to take the u-haul back. THEN i went home while my boyfriend bathed and stuck his work clothes in the dryer (when i was babysitting my cousin, i had put them in the washer.) Then i brought them to him at the apartment, he got dressed, i dropped him off at work and went to my parents. Went to wal-mart with my dad for supper and some cleaning stuff, and now, finally I am sitting down to rest.

Waiting at my apartment is boxes like crazy to unload, along with a lot of cleaning. We also need to go to wal-mart for groceries and a duster (i forgot to get that earlier). And of course, my boyfriend is working his tail off tonight!!! From 5-close. Poor thing, thank god he is off Sunday and Monday!!! And of course my cousin is spending the night which is a hand full.
I got to take a shower today, and thank god! It felt so amazing, i actually took a cold shower because it was so hot and i was sweating all day. And i didn't ever want to get out.

I am now 38 weeks, and i just can't believe it. We are moved into our place and basically settled and now i want him to come!!! :D

As for my entries, they will be scarce but long from now on. Since we just got our apartment, and will soon have a newborn, i don't exactly know when we will be getting cable+Internet. However, i do promise to type entries into Microsoft Word and then when i get a chance to have a little bit of Internet (like at my parents) i will post them all at once. So although i might only post once or twice a week, they will be very thought-filled and thorough.

Just not tonight, because i am physically exhausted, we still have lots to do, and my baby is laying on my hip bone and kicking me in my ribs. (: Its how he shows he loves me.

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