Wednesday, July 29

God and Crime.

First off, i truly believe that from this day forward no one has the right to talk to me about God. There are several reasons behind this, and i will try to organize them all as i go along. the main reason is because out of every one in this world i can not make myself believe that i am such a bad human being that i am on the top of the list of going to hell. I had sex before marriage-yes. I have had my time of telling white lies-yes. I am going to be living with a man without owning a wedding ring-yes. But really, since when are those rules really realistic in this world now a days? I mean, since when can any teenager really control his/her hormones anymore? And i think i am doing pretty well in this world. I don't cheat on my man. I love him with all my heart and one day, yes i am going to marry him, but me getting pregnant is not a reason to get married. Being in love on the other hand, is. I think that we actually do better then many married couples. We both love each other with everything we have, we work hard to do well in this world, we work even harder to get everything ready for the baby, we have life goals that work with each other, we never lie to one another, we are completely honest with each other and talk about everything. We are best friends before we are lovers. I mean really, you won't ever seeing us getting a divorce. So just because i am not married to him i am going to hell? Even though we are doing a fine job of building a good, honest life together?
Another thing is i don't believe any one has the right to judge my life and tell me what i am doing wrong. No one has ever stepped in my shoes, no one has ever seen or been through what i have. God let all of the bad things happen to me, and i think i am doing DAMN well for what i have been through. I think that if anything God is proud of how well i am doing. Yeah, i have made my mistakes, but i have also been baptised in order to be forgiven to them. I haven't killed or raped or physically harmed anyone(that bad. Who hasn't been in a fight?) I haven't ever denied the fact that i believe in God (now that i am sure i do believe in him.) I plan on going to a church every Sunday, once i find one that i like. I plan on reading about the bible and learning more about God. As far as i am concerned, i am doing a lot better in this world than many people are, and after everything i have been through the last thing i need is people judging my life when they have never been in my shoes.
Also, i don't agree with what anyone says. I believe that bibles are edited and there are many books of it that we have never read. I don't believe that homosexuals or interracial couples are going to hell. I think that race or sex of a person is merely a trait of them, just like the color of your eyes or hair. In fact, i think it takes a lot of courage, love, and self-esteem to go through this world holding the hand of someone of a different color or same sex. I would personally know about the different color one, trust me learning to ignore the people who stare at you or actually tell you are doing wrong is really hard. You have to have a tough skin to say fuck you! and move on. Plus, i believe that everyone believes in the same thing, and i hate that. In my opinion, everyone really needs to learn to get a bunch of different facts about something and then make your own opinion after learning what you can and taking a look at this world. But no one forms there own opinions anymore, they just listen to what people tell them without really looking at how what they believe affects or applies to others. If it fits them and helps them sleep at night, they just go with it. Even if it hurts or offends others.
Plus, the last time i looked, no one was allowed to judge me but God. No one on this planet is perfect and EVERYONE has sinned, so who is anyone to judge me and play God? I mean really, who thinks they have the right? God's judgement is the only one that i will ever care about, and i truly hope i can raise my child to believe the same.

Now onto crime. My dad called the police station, and guess what? There is no tape of me and my boyfriend being pulled over, and since i don't remember the officer's names they can't get in trouble for not having a tape of it or for what they did to us. Imagine that, how convenient. It almost makes me want to go to that gas station and see if they are there just to get there badge numbers and get them into trouble.

Onto the next thing, what in the hell is wrong with people nowadays? I mean, women being killed and there babies stolen out of the womb? Children coming up missing and found dead and molested? What in the world is going on in peoples heads? It really scares me and almost makes me feel bad for bringing children in this world. On top of it all, every two years the world is supposed to end. Trust me, i don't care what anyone says, it won't be a natural cause. The end of this world is going to be because of something that we are going to do to ruin it all. I mean, everyone is crazy. Everyone is over obsessed with all of the wrong things. Why are we caring about drug dealers of weed when killers and sex offenders are roaming the streets? Why aren't we fixing this economy, probably because no one can find a good job! Why aren't we doing something about our health care system or all the robberies and rapes or all the gases that are going up into our air or all the diseases that kill people daily or the terrible education that our kids are getting? Instead we are more worried about the stupid shit that just doesn't matter. Who cares if two gays get married? If you don't like it, so what. It really isn't up to you to take away someones freedom because YOU don't think its right. And really, they aren't ruining marriage, straight people are! And really, who cares if a lady wants to get an abortion? Think they are going to hell? So what, its not your place to play God and take away someones freedom of choice in a country that is all about personal freedoms. And i am sorry, but if my life was at stake and was only 10 weeks pregnant, I'd get one too! call me stubborn, tell me going to hell, well i will see you there for judging people instead of concentrating on how you are living your own life.

I swear, people really piss me off. When are people going to learn to stop playing God and just do something useful with there lives?

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