Thursday, July 16

16 and pregnant.

Is the most ridiculus show i think i have ever seen. These teenagers who get pregnant are barely even stressed about there baby, they worry more about prom and there boyfriends. No wonder teenage moms get a bad rep. Do you know what i worry about on a daily basis? Things we need for our baby, things we gotta do before he gets here, resting enough so he doesn't come early, etc. I didn't even ever have a prom, and i didn't have a graduation either. Why? Cause i put my baby first. Yeah, it sucked. I won't even lie, the other day when i saw my friends being able to go clubbin, i cried. It was too much, but in the end, this baby is way more important then all that. I gave all that up for a reason. And they always rely on there parents, which is ridiculus.

I am about to move out, and yeah i get help from the government for things like health insurance but that is because I can not afford it and even if my parents could, its not there problem too. Do you know what i did today? I didn't hang out with my friends, i didn't go to high school and hear about all the drama, i didn't plan out a summer vacation, hell i didn't even plan out college plans. Instead, i went to the doctors, signed my consent forms, looked at some apartments, called WIC and the pediatrician that i want for my baby, called the SS office about getting a copy of my boyfriends social security card, oh and i updated my registry with things that we still need that i didn't think of. I mean, these kids on the show are so ridiculus, and then they wonder why it is so hard whenever the baby actually comes.

And you know, people say all my life plans will be ruined, that is just ridiculus too. Do you know how many grants i can get for college? Yeah, my track scholarships are out of the question, but that isn't the only way i am getting in. Like for example, I have so many ways to make money at home that once i get them all up and running me and my boyfriend can afford for him to quit his job and go to barber school. I will stay at home and work and also do online college for medical transcriptionist. Then, once he graduates he will really be able to make good money. Also, once i get out of that online college i can make like 50,000 a year depening on what type of office i work for. Then, since he will be working days, i will stay at home doing that, and during the night i will go to actual college for Physical therapy, which is my dream. So what if it gets put off, it is so worth it. Plus, i don't want to leave my baby in day care cause those people are CRAZY, so i will only work as a physical therapist once he goes into pre-school and i will only work while he's there. Then i'll still do medical transcriptionist part time for some extra cash.

Now, i know it will be a lot of work, but it is possible. Grant it, I have finally gotten over the looks people gave me, but its gonna be even better when i prove them all wrong. And, my aunt had kids young and ended up getting her doctorate and teaching at a university. Now, all her kids are grown, she lives in a Condo that she owns in downtown memphis and she does just fine. She still even makes time to go out on weekend and parties. So basically those kids on the show-retarded and so dumb. Those kids really shouldn't have a baby.

Now on to another thing that has really made me mad, driving. I hate driving nowadays cause i swear people drive so stupid that i feel so scared i will die in my own car one of these days. I drive like a granny now that i am pregnant(okay, i still speed a little, but i dont do anything dangerous) but im so sick of people cutting me off like i don't have a damn child in my car. People say that cars are gonna be the death of us, but know, inconsiderate idiots are. People are so self-absorbed in there own lives that they could give a shit less about anyone else. And i am so sick of people in big trucks or big SUVs thinking they own this road, especially the ones that cut you off because there on there damn cell phones. As if i am not terrified of driving because of my last wreck and im pregnant, but its EVERYDAY that i get so close to getting hit because of some FUCKING idiot who doesn't give a shit about anyone but himself.

Sorry, i just got a little irratated today, its all getting to me, and i just needed to let it all go :) I feel a lot better now. This world really is a stupid and self-absorbed place nowadays.

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