Tuesday, July 7

Love and Lust?

My car died today, again. Second time since i got in my wreck. I realized why, finally. The trunk won't close, so the light in my trunk is always on. And i fixed it. My boyfriend asked if i was going to spend the night again tonight. Ever since he finally quit those white lies, he wants me to stay every night. If i tell him no, he gets really upset. We have a doctor appointment in the morning though, so i will be there early to wake him up and see him.

I have been wondering though, you know how women can fake orgasms, do you think men can fake love? I mean, women have such strong emotions dealing with love and there heart, do you think that maybe men are good at pleasing our hearts just like we are good at pleasing them? I know that men can be good men and that they are capable of love, but do you think they can love as strongly as us, or do you think they just fake it? Maybe, they think they love us as much as we love them, but in the end they don't. Maybe they just can't show it, or they don't realize how strong there feelings are for a woman.

I know this is a short entry, but i have been very busy actually getting things scratched off my to-do list opposed to adding things on.

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