Monday, July 6

Holiday Weekend.

That is why i didn't get a chance to update every day, but i have noticed plenty of things this weekend. Saturday my boyfriend had work, and when he got off he had muscle spasms and was throwing up. He said it was because of the heat, i gave him some bayer and it put him to sleep which was good. I went and saw my family, and then when i got back i woke him up and tried to get him to eat, and then we went and saw Transformers. Once again, not as crazy as last fourth of july, but simple and fun and it wore me out. I realized that my boyfriends work place is not very fair in the way that they treat there employees, but unfournately with this economy, we can't really afford for him to quit. It is so painful for him to go through and this isn't the first time, so this is really starting to worry me. Sunday we slept until 2 in the afternoon. Then i went and saw a couple of my friends, then i came back and we ate chili wih his room mates [who seemed to be getting along fine???] then we played Wii all night. It was so good knowing he had all sunday and all day today off of work, and he doesn't work until tomorrow night. And these days have been really relaxing for him. Then today we both woke up to the same thing, his room mates going at it, again. Apparently she doesn't realize this dude doesn't love her"All i want is your big black dick" and "you just use me for booty calls" was some of the things we heard her yelling. There actually was a lot else, but i'd rather not say it. I couldn't even believe they were screaming these kind of things in front of there kids, and it was actually kind of funny cause when she said that first quote up there my boyfriend goes "Well, that and the vibrator i saw in there room" haha. And the oddest part is, when i went out of the room to pee there little boy was talking to me, the guy was sitting on the couch and the girl was standing up putting something together and she started talking to me and smiling at me like nothing had happened. There a really odd couple.

This weekend, i've been really worried about having this baby. I don't feel ready physically, although emotionally i can't wait. I still feel like there is so much left to do and so much to get, its really overwhelming. I know it doesn't help me always stressing, but i have five weeks left till my little boy is here, and i want nothing more then him to come into a perfect world where he is overloved and way to spoiled. The overloved part--totally taken care of, the other part? I mean yeah he is spoiled, but he doesnt even have a nursery or toys or anything yet. He has tons of clothes!!! some bottles, some diapers and wipes, a bottle of lotion and body wash, a hand me down bath tub and bassinet.. and my mom is ordering the stroller and car seat soon. But other then that, not much else. Not even towls, some blankets !!

Its just scaring me. I want so much for him, but we're having trouble just getting our place. I've had a lot of other thoughts dealing with love and family and marriage lately, and relationships but that one is nothing new.
And all of these will be talked about a little later.

Oh and that quote--completely unreal!!! I mean, i have a mixed child and yeah people give us looks, last night when me and my boyfriend went to ihop we actually had a black couple next to us that stopped eating when we sat down, got there check early and left. They didnt even say one word once we sat down. And some people behind us stared down my boyfriend. But see, thats nothing new to us. The people that do know us, love us to death and couldnt want this baby any more. It kind of bothered my boyfriend even though he said he likes pissing people off i could tell that it made him mad, and i could only imagine that he thought about the looks his boy would get. But just like he was raised, were raising him to never be ashamed of who he is, and he will do just fine. It bothers me a little too, but you cant change the world, just accept it and move on.

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