Tuesday, July 14

Crunch Time.

My beach weekend was amazingly relaxing, and it was something i definitey needed. I have been on an emotional rollercoaster but this weekend helped me just forget everything. I got back to baton rouge and saw my baby, and spent the night with him. I missed him a lot, but not enough to ruin my vacation. Now that i am back though, i feel like i should have just stayed home and gotten more work done. Me and my boyfriend have been looking at apartments, but it seems that the only ones we can afford are crappy or in a terrible area. I am hoping we can get one for 850 that includes all bills even cable, but i don't think that my boyfriend makes enough money a month to meet there requirements. Also, i will be 36 weeks tomorrow, and man am i nervous.

Monday, however, me and my boyfriend went to a 4d Ultrasound place to try and see my baby, but he was a little too stubborn to let us see him. He at first had his hands covering his face. Then we saw him blinking and yawning, but it wasn't clear enough to get cute pictures. Then, we saw him with his little hand in his mouth. We also got to see his "chestnuts" as the ultrasound tech put it, but they were so big they actually made her uncomfortable hehe. This made my boyfriend very proud. Although they couldnt get a good view of him or any pictures, seeing what we did see made us both melt, and made my boyfriend so happy and excited. He told EVERYONE exactly what happened during the appointment, and when i was laying on his bed and he was talking to his room mate in the other room i heard him say that he was getting really excited especially after that. I won't lie, I am too. But we still have TONS to do before we are ready.

I have been working hard at getting money together and our apartment, and we are actually better on money then i thought we were going to be. Also, We will be able to buy his crib soon. I am almost done packing my hospital bags, and right now i am working on samples for my company and expanding my avon clients. The good thing is, once i get my website up for my company i can make flyers and stick them in my avon catalogs, i'm sure they won't mind.

Feeling my baby move is so weird now. I mean i LOVE it, but its so different. It just actually is starting to feel like a human and not just weird little movements. I don't really know how else to say it, but its really exciting.

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