Friday, July 17

Men VS Women

I have always wondered, why do men have such a problem with listening? And, when they do actually take the effort to really listen, do they never hear exactly what we are trying to say? Its not like we are expecting them to decode our words and we are definitely not speaking another language, so why is it hard for them to just listen to the words we are saying, and take them in instead of switching them around to mean something totally different. Why do they sit there and laugh when we are being completely serious, and get all angry when we are just trying to talk. They say that they don't want to fight, yet get all defensive when we are just trying to talk? And why in the world does it always end up that we do more in the relationship then them?

I have looked at me and two of my friends who are in serious relationships, all three of us friends but yet all three of us are very different, and the men we date are even more different. Yet, in the end, all of us do more for them then they do for us, and in the end they all have a terrible problem with listening and understanding us. We all have different age differences with them too, so i know this isn't something that has to do with anything except that men suck and women rock. What i have also noticed, however, is that all 6 of us have our escape from the other person.

Relationship one: My friend and her boyfriend. She is so sweet and innocent, does good in school, has fun and has been slowly getting a little wilder, but still not by much. He is an asshole(although not around her), has been dealing drugs for ages behind her back, etc. And they are both the same age, about to enter college this august.Her escape was this boy she had a crush on, and his was doing drugs behind her back. Now, she knocked the other guy out of her life, so i guess that the drugs are both of there escapes. Which worries me, because he is so terrible for her and makes her feel so low down and like she never can see any of her friends or he gets all mad, and so he has like singled her out away from the world so that she needs him, but that's another subject all together. :/ Back to my main point...

Relationship two: My other friend and her boyfriend. She is wild and outgoing, does okay in school, and works hard. He works and lives with his brother and cousin, and is really rugged and country, but also loves parting and such. She is gonna be a senior this year, while he is already in high school. Her escape is being able to flirt with boys at work, since none of them know she has a boyfriend. His escape is porn and online chat rooms. Now, grant it, neither of them like each others escapes, but in the end they both deal with it because they know there not willing to give up there own escape. And, well since both of there escapes are innocent and not threatening the relationship, they stay the cute happy wild couple that they are.

Relationship three: Me and my boyfriend. I don't really know what to say about me, and he is just my boyfriend ha ha. I should be going to college this august, and he should be out of college by now. My boyfriends escape is porn, and smoking. Porn not so much anymore since I stay with him basically every night now (Not my request, his! Don't think I'm an annoying clingy girlfriend. We just happen to be best friends and dating, it works out good, although sometimes i do just gotta take a day off from him ha ha.) My escape, well, i used to have plenty of them, but now they are all gone. Smoking-cant while I'm pregnant. Running-i am too nervous to do it while I'm pregnant. Flirting-who wants to flirt with a pregnant chick? So for awhile, i did join and add a bunch of guys and chatted with them, and put up old pre-prego pictures of me, but i deleted it out of guilt. So i guess my escape now is just writing. I not only have this journal, but also i have a regular old notebook that i write in every night. Any who.

Maybe escapes are normal? Maybe they make a relationship work? But one thing i can't get over, is that girls generally spoil a man more then they spoil the girls. For example, when my baby is sick, i get him everything he needs and make sure he rest and i completely baby him. When i was feeling bad last night, he did nothing but stay up late playing video games.

Then, i told him he needs to just forget about getting something to smoke cause we need to save money, and he couldn't get over it. He acted like i should feel sorry for him because he hadn't had none in a week, and yet i have quit cold turkey for 8 months now while watching him do it all the time. And i got mad, cause he knows how hard it has been for me, and i wanted him to quit while i was pregnant at least to support me but he wouldn't even do that. He did for the first few months, and then when i really was emotionally unstable and needed him to talk to, he was too busy doing other things. It was really irritated, and i just wanted to punch him in the face last night :) But, i didn't, and i also didn't bring it up. I decided to let it slide and just bring it up before we decide to have another child. Because, he needs to learn to sacrifice some too and really be there for me next pregnancy or hes not getting another kid (and he does want another one too! He even talks about our wedding all the time) cause I'm not doing this feeling so alone all over again. I mean, yeah i had my friends but in the end everyone wants to be able to talk to there boyfriends about all this. Thank god my hormonal times are over with!!! :)

Lets just hope i remember to talk to him about it whenever we decide to have another child(and actually plan this one!), and lets hope we don't have another accident(although this one is completely loved, but we really need to get on our feet before we have another one). Note to self: Get better birth control

"Two more hours until i get to see my baby's!!! :)" <-text from him awhile back, and the reason i love him. I keep that text to remind me why i love him ;) he he.

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