Wednesday, July 29


I realized today that i don't like it when things are calm. I don't enjoy stupid high school dramas or bad news, but i like it when there is a lot of things going on around me. Every now and then its okay for things to be calm, but mostly i like it when there is a lot happening around me. Like, for example, i have a giant to do list and i couldn't be happier. It gives me a purpose to wake up and get dressed in the morning, and i love doing a lot of things that are helping me and my boyfriend get some extra money saved.

The other night we had enough money saved that we actually took ourselves out to dinner. Grant it, i felt guilty after because it was so much (okay it was like 50$ with the tip) and i thought that we should have spent it on groceries, but still it was nice to just sit down and have a nice meal. We have struggled with money every since we have been together, so being able to have money saved and to spend a little on ourselves was really nice. Of course, everyone stared at us as usual, but i didn't even have time to pay attention to it.

Actually, i really need to go do somethings right now, but later on tonight i will be writing more on my blog. Since i know i haven't written in awhile! I am so disappointed in myself with that, i really do need to keep better tabs on here!

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